About Mark Chmarny

I am a technology leader with a proven track record of delivering impactful solutions. I have a unique blend of technology know-how and product leadership, with extensive experience bootstrapping high-performance teams and developing/driving engineering and go-to-market roadmaps from inception to customer adoption.

Currently, I lead the PM team for Infrastructure and Developer Experience at Cruise. Before, I have worked on cloud services at Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and data center solutions at Intel. I advocate for open source software, and have contributed to projects like Knative, Dapr, and Tekton. I am passionate about helping users be successful with cloud technologies and I always look for innovative ways to solve problems.

You can find me on Twitter (@mchmarny) and Mastodon (@mchmarny@fosstodon.org), and my open source contributions on GitHub (@mchmarny)

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Note: All posts in this blog represent Mark’s personal opinions.